Gorilla Gripper Tool

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 This is your ultimate and most reliable carrying buddy!

Simplify your carrying task with this Grip Panel Carrier Tool - a unique lifting and carrying system specially made for the construction industry. Its ergonomic design allows one person to carry heavy sheet goods, such as plywood, drywall, particle board, melamine, thick glass, panels and lots of other such materials. Lift and carry from one top using only one hand. It comes with an ergo cushion-handle for guaranteed comfort. Its ideal for carrying or dragging rubber mats.

The Grip Panel Carrier Tool allows the user to lift and move such materials with a straight back, eliminating the need of bending to get to the bottom. Thus, it greatly reduces the strain and risk of injury to the back, neck, and shoulders, arms and hands, and works by clamping onto the top of the panel, creating a sturdy temporary handle for the person who carries it. It grips and won’t let go until you lower the handle.


  • Grip Panel Carrier Tool is a one-hand carrying and lifting system for heavy construction full sheets
  • Ideal for carrying drywall, plywood, panels, sheets, and stabs
  • Durable with self-adjusting clamp holds the material tightly as you lift
  • Can accommodate loads up to 200 pounds

The Grip Panel Carrier Tool is made of an extremely durable glass-filled nylon polymer gripper plates and epoxy coated steel support arms. The special rubber gripping pads mounted on both plates protect the surfaces of the material from being damaged or marred.

There are a lot of times we need to carry heavy things especially when it comes to those with thorns and slippery sheets, workers always are accidentally stabbed or scratched by the construction material. They often suffer from back pain for carrying large plywoods. This is where the Grip Panel Carrier Tool takes place. To allow people to easily lift all kinds of sheetrock by gently placing the clamp on top of it.

Don’t be too hard on yourself by carrying with bare hands. Use the Grip Panel Carrier Tool! See the difference and realize the convenience it brings. Why wait when it’s on sale? Better place your order now and get your deserved discounts!